Saturday, March 10, 2012

Careers in the Professional Beauty Industry

Hello dolls! I'm posting from my laptop instead of my iPhone today!!! I wanted to share a little something with you because I really enjoyed it. Okay, here it is. My school had a "career day" on March 1st. Since I'm interested in makeup artistry I went to the cosmetology station. There one of my friend's dad was presenting for The Paul Mitchell Schools. So hair styling, but it was the closet thing to what interests me. He gave a cute, fun and movitvating speech. I wanted to share his wisdom with all (3) of you.
10 Pros of the Professional Beauty Industry
1 You make people feel amazing
2 You get to have fun at work
3 You touch people's lives and bulid great relationships
4 You have the oppurtunity to make as much money as you want (but you have to work for it)
5 You can have a flexible schedule
6 You get to express yourself in a creative way with your hair, fashion, and tattoos
7 Job security
8 Many different oppurtunities
9 Constantly learning new things and each day is different
10 You can travel all over the world
5 Cons of the Professional Beauty Industry
1 You have to work Saturdays and weekends
2 Physically challenging (you will work long hours and be on your feet)
3 You must be self-motivated and bulid your book of clients
4 You must be ALWAYS be in a good mood (fake it til you make it)
5 You must look your best every day
I hope you found that inspiring or at least helpful. Now for his career idea list...
Salon Careers
  • Professional hairdresser
  • Salon owner
  • Salon manager
  • Service Desk Coordinator
  • Salon trainer
  • Cruise ships
  • Resorts/spas
High Fashion Careers
  • Fashion shows/runway
  • TV/Film
  • Music
  • Theater
Careers in Education
  • Educator
  • Admissions
  • Operations
  • Financial Aid
  • Service Desk
  • Sales Leader
  • Logistics
  • Advanced Academy
Careers in Product Distribution
  • Regional sales director
  • Business development coordinator
  • Platform artist
  • Product educator
  • Regional color coordinator
  • Marketing/advertising
  • Education/trade shows
  • Research and developement
Thanks for reading everyone :)

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