Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School Tips (AM)

1. Multiple alarm clocks! No one loves getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning but you need to have time to get ready. So what I do is I have a clock radio (you can get these anywhere for fairly cheap) and I set it for 10 minutes before the time I really NEED to get up. Then I set an alarm on my iPhone for the exact time I need to start getting ready.
2. Choose your outfit the night before this will save you the time you need in the morning to do your hair and makeup and will allow you a bit more sleep. This will also afford you the time to perfect the accessories you will wear.
3. Don't skip breakfast believe you will thank me. Even if you are rushing out the door you can still have breakfast. Fill a sandwich bag with cereal. Grab a granola bar or bagel or even a pop-tart. Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism and gives you energy throughout the day.
4. Pack your homework in your backpack as you finish it that way you won't realize in second period that your homework is sitting on your desk. That's not good.
5. And finally make sure that you try your best!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Perfect blush for back to school.

BareMinerals blush in Miracle is an amazing, soft, and vibrant pink. When applied lightly it provides a healthy bright glow. However if you add some at the end of the day you can build it up to be a neon blush perfect for dancing the night away. The perfect back to school and day to night blush.

What's to come...

Here are my future thoughts and ideas for my beauty channel...
I have two collaboration tutorials one being uploaded the 8th and another the 14th. I will also be uploading a huge fashion tag that I created in the near future. I will try to upload a July Favorites video tomorrow morning. I am not going to post as many singing videos. I have 3 more and then I think I will take a break from those. Thanks for watching my channel I just hit 40 subbies! www.youtube.com/multimakeupdoll

Back to School Beauty Checklist

When you're getting ready in the morning make sure not to forget these important things. Although it can be easy to focus solely on your outfit make sure you still remember to:
Wash and moisturize your face.
Brush your hair.
Add accessories to your outfit like earrings.
Make sure not to rush your makeup application time. Blend your shadows and make sure that you apply product to both of your eyes or cheeks (you'd be surprised). Don't forget that even though you want to look cute for school less is more. Thanks for reading!