Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stage Makeup 101

Being both a dancer and a makeup lover, I love stage makeup. My personal dance studio has a quote unquote "makeup code" so I often do not get to be creative with my stage makeup selections. But I have lots of tips to share. I will also be uploading a video on how to implement these tips on my channel (www.youtube.com/multimakeupdoll) ASAP.

Cake your face. You can never have too much foundation, deep blush or contour. Bright stage lights wash out any color you may have on your face so you should over do it. Have fun playing with that dark blush you never wear!

Pop your peepers! Your eyes are the window to your soul and you want the audience sitting in the back row to be able to see them clearly. You will need to not only focus on and above your eyelids but below as well. You don't want top heavy eyes!!! I suggest using eyeliner to rim your entire eye and using fake eyelashes.

Vampy lips. Choose a long wearing lip product that is deep and dark. Burgandy is my favorite shade but you can play with reds and plums. Just make sure you don't have any on your teeth! You don't want to be flashing the audience an award winning smile with lipstick on your pearly whites!

Other notes.
  • Rhinestones and glitter can really enhance your look try placing 2 gems around your outer corner
  • Always have eyelash glue in case your lashes or gems fall off!
  • Bring oil blotting sheets and extra powder to touch up after you get sweaty
Hair. Keep it out of your face. Bun it. Gel it. Have bobby/safety pins at all times.

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