Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why My Skin Problems Are Not Solved

I have acne issues, I'm a teenager it's not uncommon. However I've had these problems consistently for at least 3 years probably. I've tried several drugstore products and my mom took me to my pediatrician. Who gave me some topicals that worked for like 2 months. However because they worked for my older sister my mom is convinced that I must have not used them properly. I've asked her to take me to a dermatologist and she refuses. I'm not sure why. My skin is always very oily and it gets very shiny by the end of the day which has convinced my mom that I don't wash my face twice a day and that's why. When it fact I wash my face in the morning with noxema and at night with almay makeup remover, neutrogena clear pore and yes to tomatoes clay mask. So yeah it's not my fault. Also my dad sometimes makes fun of me about my skin which actually makes me cry and just earlier today my neighbor told me I shouldn't eat so much dessert or I'd get more pimples, and I cried. I apologize for the typos it's late at night and I just wanna be done with it all.

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