Thursday, December 13, 2012

Share for insecure girls everywhere.

I'm Imperfect from Head to Toe.

I'm short.
My hair is thin and flat.
I have severe acne.
I'm naturally a bit cross eyed.
I have small boobs.
I don't have abs.
All my excess body fat is in my thighs.
And I've never been in a relationship.

But you know what?
That list is short compared to the list of things that I am happy with.

I have long, thick eyelashes.
I have slim hands and fingers.
I'm relatively skinny.
I'm a fantastic YouTuber.
I'm a (somewhat) skilled makeup artist.
I'm a great listener.
I have a big heart.
I care about people.
An most of all I care enough about myself to know that all my imperfections are as insignificant as the subject matter in public school.

And even though I may be ready to have a relationship, that doesn't mean the right guy for me is. He's out there, he's a mystery. But he's mine. God picked him out especially for me. And I am grateful. Though I sometimes think about my imperfections or the reasons I think guys don't like me I know deep down, the only person I need to be happy is God.

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